Does these indian politicians have black money in swiss banks?

Yesterday in a national TV i saw an retired income tax commissioner telling the following persons have black money in banks abroad.
1.Vilas rao deshmukh
2.Ahmed patel
3.Sharad Pawar
Supreme court lawyer Ram Jethmalani told that ex- prime miniter Rajeev Gandhi has 2.2 billion in swiss bank as per swiss news paper. He also said that Rahul Gandhi is paid money by KGB.
What do you say?

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  1. yes there are full chances
    there are possibilities that political parties n “party funds” have black money in swiss

  2. In India any JOKER can accuse anybody of anything. However no one stands guilty until proved.

    If someone has the proof, let him share it, so that we all come to know about it. Otherwise who cares? We don’t answer all barks we hear on streets.

    India Inc.

  3. What is a black money ? If I earn money it is mine. What rights the government has to ask for tax on my earned money ?

    About 50% what we spend for our necessities goes back to the government by way of tax. If you buy a house and sell it, 20% value of the house goes to the government. If that property is sold 10 times, the government gets the tax of more than the value of the property by way of registration and stamp duty.

    Black money is a misnomer. It is the false policy of the government makes people hide their hard earned money. Will the government pay back the tax money if any business men suffer losses ? The more money blocked, the more problem for the nation, even if everybody pays tax promptly.

  4. Do you know that creamy layer of lower caste does not need reservations at all ? Those reservations are hurting india very badly and are actually injustice to indians in general.

    However, they are exploited for votes. Gandhi, Nehru stories are told from grade 1 to brainwash kids. Then INC comes to ask for votes with their images.

    Do you think INC is honest party. Its actually a kleptocryte party. gandhi himself a politician, and he was not honest all the time. He was prime symbol of non violence to many millions, but support recruitment of army for british.

    nothing is as it politicians say. I stronly believe that there are trillion dollars of indian money abroad.

  5. Let Ram Jethmalani prove it.
    He himself is infamous for taking up the cases of Terrorists and criminals, and might have made much money. Moreover, he has got too old. He does not know himself what he says and what he does. ‘Buddha Sathiya Gaya hai.’

    Same charge was recently made by Advani . When Sonia Gandhi wrote to him a harsh letter, he immediately apologized to her publicly , on 18th February 2011..

    Now the Government of India has been successful in making treaty with Switzerland, regarding Black Money. Time is NOT far when the names of the people, who have deposited Black Money in Switzerland will come out .

    The last list received contained the names of 15 businessmen and three Business houses, all of which were Gujaratis. These were -1. Manoj Dhupelia, 2. Rupal Dhupelia, 3. Mohan Dhupelia 4. Hasmukh Gandhi ,5. Chintan Gandhi, 6. Dilip Mehta, 7. Arun Mehta, 8. Arun Kochar, 9. Gunwanti Mehta, 10. Rajnikant Mehta, 11. Prabodh Mehta, 12. Ashok Jaipuria, etc.

    Some have ‘contacts’ with big Politicians of Gujarat.

  6. Someone here has listed the names of a few businessmen whose names were furnished to our government by the foreign government(s),banks etc.Doesn’t it
    strike you as strange that there is not a single name of politicians among the
    gang?But let us wait and watch and hope that the next list will exclusively be the
    names of politicians of all affiliations.
    Have a Good Day.

  7. That proves India has Freedom to speech as one of the fundamental right and people are misusing it.

  8. Swami Ramdeo showed 8 swiss and 3 italian Bank names which have opened branches in India. They will deal in Black money of the politicians.

  9. Just wait and watch…the congress sponsored media of India will not expose them but the foreign media will…..its just the matter of time.

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