6 Replies to “Does student medical insurance cover injuries and hospital expenses from unprecented attacks?”

  1. Hey don’t worry too much about the racial attacks there.Everything is covered if you take a comprehensive medical insurance like the Gold Plan I had taken from ICICI Lombard.

  2. Ok we get it . . . you want to take a cheap shot at the entire country of Australia. Great . . . congratulations . . . do you feel better now?

    There have indeed been a handful of racially motivated attacks, by some very bad people who apparently dislike foreigners. Don’t judge an entire country by the bad actions of a tiny minority of troublemakers.

    Australia is one of the safest countries to live and work in, by way of statistical comparison to other nations. That doesn’t mean there is no crime, because there is, but there isn’t much.

    The Australian authorities have taken the attacks very seriously and have vowed to bring the culprits to justice. Have a little faith in the good people of Australia to do the right thing and punish the criminals.

  3. All medical insurance cover all types of medical & surgical coverage its depend on u from which company u prefer and coverage of that is available there or not .Be care full before u purchase the same

  4. They can’t deny coverage based upon “hate crime” attacks.

    They can only deny injury related claims if you were the one that was perpetrating a crime…i.e. you were shot by the police while attempting to rob a bank.

  5. Yes, you will be covered for this sort of forced hospitalization or medical expense. Do not worry. All the best for your studies and success.

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