Does NRI get loan in India to start own business?

I am NRI working abroad for the past one year, planning to start my own business in chennai looking for a loan to start my business.
as NRI can I get business start up loan from any financial institution in chennai? are how can i get loan to start my business? plz give me a detailed answer.

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  1. Yes, this is possible.
    But than various reasoning has to be justified.
    Experience, Margin requirements, Collateral’s, Guarantee.
    Do you have a project report worked out.
    How do you intend to manage the business when you are out of chennai and when you are working rather employed abroad.
    All these factors needs a convincing status for a Banker to grant you the desired loan.
    Hence work on these parameters, approach the Bank of Your choice on your next visit to chennai – as only personal approach may resolve your demand for a loan for business enterprise.

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