7 Replies to “Does it matter which day of the month you purchase units in mutual fund in SIP mode?”

  1. On which time of the month are you most likely to have the funds available? Otherwise the debit will bounce, which may cost you some bouncing-fee.

  2. Another consideration would be if the fund pays a monthly dividend. If they always pay on the 20th, for example, having your purchase made before that may increase your dividend payout, depending on what closing date they use to make the calculation for each month.

  3. Absolutely doesnt make any difference.
    But If you are a salaried person,I would suggest you to take SIP date on 5th, so it will become as compulsory saving for you as soon as you get the salary.

  4. It will matter in 2 ways

    1. It is to help you chose on which day you are comfortable to pay. Say for example if your salary comes on 7th of each month, it make sense to choose 10th and so on

    2. On the day of debit, you will be allotted units based on the NAV at that time. NAV wary each day. But it is not possible to predict when the NAV will be less. So although this will affect your wealth, there is no way you can know inb advance which day is better.

    So, decide the date based on your convinience.

  5. We choose SIP mode of investing in Mutual Funds because we want to average our investment nav values i.e. a fund having a nav value of 10 in Jan , we buy some quantity and after 2 months due to some mkt correction its nav value is 8 in March so we buy the same amount and our avg buy price is 9.Now through out a month the nav value of any mutual fund fluctuates so it is important that on which date of the month we are making the purchase,but at the same time it is hard to predict the exact lowest point of nav value in a month for a retail investor,so don’t worry about the date just invest in it,because mkt up or down one can only make money when he/she invests and don’t listen the experts too much about the mkt direction because no one is correct in this correct in prediction.So make a good portfolio of some large,midcap and small cap mutual funds and invest in SIP way,mkt has to give you return.

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  6. why can’t u divide the SIP money in equal parts and start all six dates or u can skip 1st day of Month.

    I does same .I invest in HDFC Top 2000 for 4 Different dates . It has given slight gain (3%) More compared to Single day SIP.

    I think Only Reliance offers Rs 500 SIP. Then go for Reliance RSF .

    All the best.

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