Does ICICI Prudential handles insurance claims genuinely?

I heard that ICICI Prudential is not handling the insurance claims genuinely and they are naive and are worst in dealing death claims and funds settlement.

Does ICICI Prudential handles insurance claims genuinely?
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6 Replies to “Does ICICI Prudential handles insurance claims genuinely?”

  1. OK icici company is number 6 or 7 in insurance company then lic…
    But number 1 is Max New York Life Insurance company they pay claim in only 9 days and they have 99.86% out of claim..
    Icici is 97% and Lic 96%..
    Right now in Max New York life have manyy best plan top three plan is 1) Life Partner Plus
    2)Whole life plan Participating
    3)Unit link Life Maker Premium…

    all three is different plan and in claim Genuinely…
    if u want more E-mail me [email protected]
    call me 99096 84084
    Karo Jyada Ka Irada…

  2. Arvind Kalol, by what standard is MNYL no. 1, ICICI at No. 6 and then LIC at No. 7.

    Do you have any reliable data?

    At one place you ask what is the best insurance plan for you and another you advice as a insurance advisor.

    Clear the confusion.

  3. They can not do any fraud in funds settlement. Almost all insurance companies are worst in death claim as they simply say in some cases that death was due to a pre-existing condition.

  4. actually all insurance companies are working under govt rules and regulation ….

    and another thing is consumer forum i think u aware about this..i’m an advisor so i can understand your problem ..if u have any confusion then u should go to icici pru office if u r not satisfy with their answer then u can report to consumer forum but make sure about your side that u r right in all cases otherwise u’ll suffer with big problem ok

    this is my suggestion …how u feel with my suggestion pls mail me
    [email protected]

  5. all insurance companies are strict in settling claims. that does not mean that they can play with claims. insurance contracts are special contracts built on utter faith. if there even a slight taint in the faith; the contract may be nullified and the insurance company Escape from allowing the claim. hence people who buy claims should bear in mind that they behave very honestly and do not hide any facts. that they disclose all required facts.

    Best Wishes and Warm Regards,
    Karpaka Rajan. V Chettiar,
    Insurance advisor / Internal Auditor / Banker,
    tel – 00971 50 5210891 (from 5.00pm to 9.00pm unless it is an exigency)
    email – [email protected]

  6. No company can evade liability once they have issued a policy and they have to abide by the rules and regulations provided by the regulatory authority. Nowadays there is lot of awareness and many policy holders approach Insurance Ombudsman, a grievance redressal authority in case their claims are mishandled.

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