does any bank provide 100 percent home loan in India?

I am working for a bpo and i earn good money. but i had no savings in my life. i wish i could own a house for myself. is there any bank that provides if not 100, atleast 95% home loan?

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  1. That was what triggered the last global recession. If any banks in any country are over-financing housing, they are risking another economic collapse. It is not right for you to buy a house you cannot afford, and if you cannot save enough for the required down-payment, you cannot afford the house.

  2. There are some small banks or finance companies which supports to big tycoons of the property world. Property developers are getting good amount of funding to them because of which they are able to construct such apartments, flats, bungalows to dwell. In your case, please approach the builders who have recently started with their new property construction. Some of the builders assist property buyers with at least 90% loan funding. They are easily approachable online on many property, real estate sites.

  3. No, the margin money 20 % tells upon your credibility. Can you not save at least 20% of your earnings.? Try, limit your expenses and you will find you can

  4. In a unique scheme offer in the housing sector, IDBI Bank has agreed to provide 100 per cent loan on the cost of the flat for the Vasai project of Evershine Builders Pvt Ltd. As per the tie-up, the customer would not be required to make any down payment.

  5. NO

    Earlier it was 85% of the value of property. But now it is reduced to 80% for the past 5 months.

  6. Yes ! 100 percent loan is possible buy the bank in which you have salary account. on subjected to condition which is based on the bank. like your previous loan record or credit card record etc. contact your salary account bank for more information

  7. You will have to pay margin amount i.e. 20% as per banking norms…if any bank is funding 100% then its a trigger of being become an NPA account

  8. Our property worth Rs.32,00,000/- But we are going to avail bank loan of Rs.20,00,000/- . in such a case, whether we have to make the down payment. If yes, how much amount we have to make for down payment.

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