6 Replies to “Do you think Russians are gonna get even one figure skating gold?”

  1. No.

    Ladies figure skating is the last event, and after the short program the top Russian is in 8th. There is absolutely no chance to get gold from that position – no realistic chance to even medal.

  2. I doubt it, but I think Plushenko should’ve won. I’m not an expert or anything, it’s just my opinion, but I enjoyed his program the most.

  3. there is controversy over American win over the russian but i don’t think it constituted one judges purposely soring him to lose

    so i don’t think he will be awarded gold too

  4. It was poor strategy by Plushenko and his coach, of course he’s mad right now, but when he cools down he’ll realize that he could only lead by half a point if both he and Lysacek performed their programs perfectly, and he did not do all the elements he wanted to, so… As much as I like him I can’t really blame the judges for anything.

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