Do you know where the creamy layers are?

Creamy layers are there in cream biscuits only. Am I right?

There are no creamy layers in any communities. All the communities have invested all the free money/properties etc. in industries/media, yellow pages directories, newspapers, television networks., etc. and all these industries are having heavy losses due to backward in nature. Presently, they have a very small amount of money only. Hence, there are no creamy layers.

On the other hand, creamy layers are there in biscuits only. .

What is your opinion?

Do you know where the creamy layers are?
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6 Replies to “Do you know where the creamy layers are?”

  1. Yes, In Parliament, the most greedy creamy layer.
    We are in heal in primary education, equal with Africa any they are busy in creamy layer and reservation and all that.

  2. Your question took me long back when I was a kid whenever I got the cream biscuits I use to eat the cream and through the buscuits below the bed.Unfotunately still Iamnot the part of the creamy layer. Jokes apart.

    I believe anyone who has power legal or illegal or running a business just because of his power no skill, no mgnt nothing is a part of the creamy layer.

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