3 Replies to “do u personaly know some one who could produce exceptionaly +ve results from stock market?”

  1. I do not know anyone personally. But I know of some people (one in a million, perhaps a billion) who have made it, like Mr. Warren Buffet. Even those who followed his investing style and model verbatim have not made it as successfully as he has done. He has a success formula that cannot be beaten.

    Moral? It is extremely difficult to make positive result every time. Even Mr. Buffet has made mistakes but he has enough cushion to take it. If someone tells you that they make +ve results every time, they are lying through their teeth. You can bet on THAT one for sure.

    Should you stop making investments? No, that is a sure fire way not to make money. If you can weather the storm, stay for the long haul (if you are young enough to do that) and take the losses along with profits, you certainly can come out ahead. Research shows that in the long haul, stocks out do all other types of investments. This is statistically proven.

  2. me and my sons had been doing manually in this business with +ve results for 25 years.
    at least in this game of greed and fear ,5-10% earn from stock market regularly.
    1) it needs experience,awareness of past script history and global events.
    2)after hearing about tips,your home work for technical analysis for your confidence is must.
    3)keep continous watch and concentration on market overall and the script of your choice.
    4)never hesitate on lose booking if you feel yourself in wrong direction.keep patience if every thing is favouring to your idea.
    5)now in the time of automated trading, also known as algo trading, black-box trading or robo trading, is the use of computer programs for entering trading orders with the computer algorithm deciding on aspects of the order such as the timing, price, or quantity of the order, or in many cases initiating the order without human intervention.
    prepare your self mentally and study the formulas applied in auto trading.
    total strategy is not easy to describe in a text answer.may contact through yahoo.

  3. Stock market is a simple betting game, they are several who have make profits and at the same time there are number of people who have had loads of losses in share trading.
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    It is almost like real stock trading, once you get a good hang of the procedure and once you become familiar with the terms and policies then you can try making profits.

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