Do landlords have the right to deny us information we are requesting?

So we pay rent and then we also pay the year end CAM (common area maintenance) but there are some sketchy charges which differ greatly each year. are landlords required to provide us the information such as invoices for the liabilities if we ask for them? I just want to know before i ask and if they have a right to deny us the info.
i would greatly appreciate the help.. this is all too stressful, im thinking they are putting their other property expenses on us and getting the benefits of both.

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  1. It depends totally on the clauses in the contract you have signed.
    Read the contract carefully and see the things you will be held liable for.
    If he is charging you for something that isn’t mentioned in the contract then as per the current law you have the full right to demand any information you seek unless otherwise stated in the contract.

    So basically it all depends on the contents of the stamp paper you have signed 🙂

  2. Before I got laid off i worked in a Property management co. and tenants were always asking for backup which we happily gave to show exactly what things cost , sometimes rates change etc.. but if they don’t want to show it to you i would move for its illegal for them not to.

    hopefully this helps you

  3. No, the landlord is not required to show you any of their business records. You have no legal right to inspect or receive copies of any companies records.

  4. I don’t think that the landlord’s rent expenses and profit are any of a renter’s business, but if you pay a part of the CAM on a separate bill, a statment of these expenses should be given to you. The owner’s liability should be a part of the base rent, and covered by his fire and liability insurance. Your own property and liability should be covered by your renter’s insurance.

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