Do land lords have to pay tenants money vacating the property apart from advance?

My mother is a widow, planning to sell her property. But the tenant is asking for lakhs of rupees apart from advance amount to vacate the house & is harrassing my mother asking for money.By giving him notice she has tried her level best but since she is suffering from health problems she needs money by selling her property.What should she do?

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  1. In which part of the world are you??? You have got an case man. You can put the put the tenant behind bars if he is insisting for more monkey than the advance. Hope you have an agreement/ contract drawn with the tenant.

  2. we all know in India, civil court cases take up to 20-30 years to get judgment. options for your mother is
    1) sell property along with tenant ( she may get less than market price depending on area in possession of tenant)
    2) go to court and get him vacated by hiring expert lawyer dealing in rent acts & cases…she will have to wait for 10 to 20 years,, depending on tenant’s defence & spending capicity in court.. minimum 10 years.
    3) Hire some “EVICTING AGENTS..” they use their muscles,, political connection,, police,and get your work done,, ofcourse with a FEE ( like what you see in hindi movies)
    4) Best option is… “Amicable settlement with your tenant” see how much area is in his/her possession.. pay him the cost of the area, and sell.. the property

    do not pay advance… ,, hire a competent lawyer,,and take in writing that he is handing you the possession of your property, and he or any of his family members have no right hence forth . u will need to notorize this documents . .. so lawyer is a must.. give money only after he hands u the possession,, meaning fully vacated.. put your lock,,

  3. This is really a bad culture of Black Mailing the land lords happening nowadays to grab money. Our legal process takes inordinate delay in delivering verdict and so land lords choose to pay some ransom money. If proper stringent rules are enacted by government, this can be stopped.

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