Do I need a PAN card to avoid deduction from my salary if I have a Business Visa?

I came to India for an internship, and got a Business Visa.

In the company where I’m working they say they have to deduct from my salary(stipend) since I don’t have a PAN card.

I know some other interns (foreigners) in India, who are also on business visa, without a PAN card, and their company doesn’t need to deduct from their salary(stipend).

Please provide the details of the regulations regarding this matter.
Thank you.

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  1. Just spoke with my auditor, said that even if he is not an Indian and if the salary is Rs. 1,80,000 or more per year, you should have the PAN card.

  2. As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, all payments made to foreigners are subject to Withholding Tax. or TDS as it is called in India.

    There is no way you can avoid this deduction.