5 Replies to “Do i face any competition with chartered accountant after doing mba finance?”

  1. You don’t face any competition from CA profession. A CA has the authority to audit the accounts of a business and give approval to the same, while a MBA (Finance) cannot do so. A CA usually does practice on its own and has no interest in a job, while a MBA (Finance) has to look for a job and cannot practice his/her knowledge as a profession.
    If you have a strong background in mathematics and accounting you will get many opportunities in companies having core financial services and other companies where finance is applied on a large scale.

    I hope your doubts are clear now. All the best.

  2. CA are trained mainly in number crunching and accounting, whereas MBA are trained in a much broader specturm of subjects. Thus, CA are good at jobs requiring depth, and MBA are good at finance jobs requiring wide knowledge.

  3. Probably not. Although many of them have the MBA degree, they tend to work in auditing and accounting. To the extent they advance to higher management position, you would be in competition with them as with any other MBA wanting to move up.

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  4. With an MBA in Finance, you are aiming at the banking, equity or hedge funds industry.

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