One Reply to “Differences between sale deed, builder-buyer agreement, agreement to sale and power of attorney?????”

  1. sale deed is the one which is registered in the registrar office confirming the sale by vendor in favour of purchaser.

    builder – buyer agreement is the agreement which contains the details of building/flat specification cost mode of payment time of completion etc., signed by both

    agreement to sale is the agreement entered prior to sale deed indicating the cost and mode of payment etc., signed by both.

    power of attorney is the authorisation given by some one to other person to carryout out certain acts on behalf of him. if you give power of attorney to your friend, it means your friend can sign on your behalf and it is valid as if you have signed.

    freehold property is the one you can enjoy absolutely with all rights of sale mortgage gift perpectuating to heirs and so on.

    lease hold property is the one which is owned by some one and you are in possession and paying rent

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