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  1. Well, if you are intrested in investing in stocks, there r few questions that need to be answered like
    1. How long do u wanna invest?
    2. When do u want the returns outta yr investment , and what kinda returns that u expect.
    3. The amount that i inted to invest
    4. The risk that i can take(as the risk is directly proportional to the returns)
    If your answers r like…i can want for a long time for my returns..and i can take risk..then invest in the market directly(i mean direct equity).where the risk is unlimited so r the returns, there are a lotta things u need to know about equity n stuff like the market cap of the scrip, the p/e…which r basically fundamentals but..u can take a decision based on the recent history of the stock movement .
    And if u feel that u r willing for a long term investment(say min 1 year+) and u need a stable n steady returns..then go for Mutual funds..which r managed by professionals(i personally suggest Diversified Equity funds as they give solid returns).
    Hope this helps…any doubts contact me..

  2. i assume you want to know how to get started in stock market investing. they are two types of analysis that you can use; namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While one deal with the fundamental value of the company, such as its profitability, another is about studying market behavior and take advantage of others weaknesses. Read more…

    Fundamental Analysis Guide
    Technical Analysis Basics

    Choose whichever type of analysis and decide which stocks you want to invest in:

    Penny Stock Investing
    High Dividend Yield Stock

    Pick a good stock. and before start anything, assess the value of the stocks. this can be done by calulating its intrinsic value and buy when it is within its margin of safety.

    How to Pick Stock
    Calculate Intrinsic Value
    Margin of Safety

    Last but not least, define when you should sell the stocks, or what is your exit strategy.

    When to Sell Stock

  3. Hello 🙂

    Educate yourself through books – 1 for fundamental analysis ( i would recommend: Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation, by Penn), 1 for technical analysis ( I would recommend Technical Analysis of STock Trends, by Magee).
    A site worth looking into for technical analysis: http://www.stockcharts.com

    When you need information on the practical matters of investing – ask your bank/broker.

    Hope this helps!

  4. A home equity loan is secured by your property and a consolidation loan may not necessarily be a secured loan. It may be just a large personal loan with the purpose of consolidating debts into one payment. A home equity loan may be used to consolidate debts but may also be used for home improvements, college costs, or any other expenses that come about. Visit http://www.nmtw.org/99/second-mortgage.html to know more about the home equity loan. Also you will get low loan rates for NMTW membership.

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