9 Replies to “Did Indian cricket players were Emotionally charged for victory and the mother land in 20-20 series?”

  1. Everyone gets emotional charged when they win. The Poms did when they won the Ashes in 2005. The Aussies did they won back the Ashes. South Africa did when they scored 438 to win the game. Everyone was in tears in all these instances. So why the over-emphasis on emotions?

  2. Before the start of the tournament no one has given any chance for the indian team even to reach the semi final stage and there have been comments form all quarters that they will be crushed by Australia, South Africa and Pakistan. Since people were not expecting too much from this team, there was absolutely no pressure on the plahyers and they could play freely without any pressure without too much worrying about the repurcussions if they lost any match. that made lot of difference in the performance of the team as a whole.

    under such circumstances people had naturally became excited when they defeated ERngland, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan and finally the world cup and expressed their emotions on the field. However, I have noticed when all the players were showing their emotions on one way of the other, the Captain Dhoni kept his cool and did not express his emotions on the field, which was his hall mark.

  3. i think each of the team members wanted to prove their abitlity and t20 was a good ground for that .
    dhoni wanted to prove as a captain
    yuvi as a batsman and others as good players of international cricket
    Each one was playing for his motherland only but still i feel they got emotional only after winning the world cup .

  4. yes we indians r very emotional about our mother land and this is one of the reasons of winning 20-20 world cup not series.

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