details about Lic money plus Ulip?

can i get this plan by paying Rs 4000 quarterly , i am thinking about 15 year term

details about Lic money plus Ulip?
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  1. The answer is Yes. The minimum annual premium is 5000 rupees, so the minimum quarterly premium is Rs 1250.

    However I would like to ask you a question. Ae you looking to get insurance or looking towards it as an investment option.

    If Money plus is for insurance then it is ok.

    But if it is for investment purpose, then these schemes are really not useful. Instead of going through this round about way of investing money indirectly in shares, I would suggest that you directly invest in share market.

    A lot of us think that one needs lot of in depth knowledge to do this successfully. Frankly speaking it is not very difficult. Usually an average investor does much better than mutual funds. Reason behind it is that a large amount of money earned by the mutual funds goes to pay salaries and commissions to all the employees and agent working for the mutual fund.

    You can also check out the following 2 pages. In the form of 16 questions they explain which strategy should be followed. The strategy tells about how common investors can invest based on their own judgment spending just 10 minutes a day and get 40 percent annual returns consistently

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