4 Replies to “Demat Account with Mutual fund?”

  1. Not required.

    No Demat Account is not necessary for investing in mutual funds.
    But if you have a online Demat account, then it becomes easy investing in mutual funds online.

    Have a look at the following link, which will clear your querry on mutual funds.

  2. hi, If you have purchased the mutual fund direct from the company agent like (sbi mutual fund or like any other mutual fund company) You have to fill the one application form that will be given by mutual fund comapny where you have to mention your demat account and submit it to your mutual fund company After some day it will be get transfered to you demat account.
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  3. Yes,If u have demat account u can buy mutual funds through brokers account .Units will be credited to your demat account.existing funds i do not know can link to demat or not.

  4. It is not compulsory, but you can receive your mutual fund units in your demat account also. Ask your mutual fund agent how you can do so. They will probably ask you to fill a simple form. If you decide to hold your mutual fund units in your demat account, you will not get the certificate at your home. Instead, you can see those units in your holding statement of your demat account. Its dividend will automatically be credited in your bank account associated with your demat account.
    So, you just need to talk to your mutual fund agent how you can do it.

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