Dear Sir, I seek valuable advice on what other MF Schemes should I invest on SIP basis , considering that I?

Dear Sir,
I seek valuable advice on what other MF Schemes should I invest on SIP basis , considering that I need to accumulate Rs. 50Lacs ++ in span of next 10 years starting from Feb. 2010, ( not to withdraw any during the 10 years period), please advice what should be my mode of investment pattern in terms of Monthly investments, Schemes to continue, new ones to be added, Tenure, ROI expected, etc. (kindly suggest those schemes which do not over lap the schemes which I am already investing as mentioned below).
AS ON DT. 28.01.2010.

Dear Sir, I seek valuable advice on what other MF Schemes should I invest on SIP basis , considering that I?
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  1. I can see that you are already investing in a group of equity MFs which are of good quality. Why do you want to add more to this list? You should not diversify too much. If you want to diversify then create a portfolio of larg cap, mid cap and small cap focused funds along with some amount in Fixed income instruments and ELSS.

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  2. Hi,

    You have many in your bucket already !!!

    You can think of Sundaram PNP midcap – Growth plan for mid-cap funds and DSP blackrock Equity Fund – Growth for small and medium capped funds.

  3. DEAR,
    Religare PSU is a new fund NO track record ? anyhow its OK
    Y R U selected same same quality more funds ?
    Fidelity Equity (G) 29/01/2010 28.80 -2.36 -3.23 5.83 16.25 51.11 86.27 10.05
    HDFC Equity (G) 29/01/2010 221.19 -2.21 -3.69 5.53 20.40 66.37 115.39 13.47
    HDFC Top 200 (G) 29/01/2010 171.86 -2.07 -4.57 3.07 12.57 51.87 97.41 15.22
    HSBC Equity (G) 29/01/2010 89.07 -2.63 -5.60 0.46 5.58 26.69 54.58 6.84
    Above 4 funds 3 year record U C ,hdfc -200 has given 15.22 % return.
    HDFC PRUDENCE IS A BALANCED FUND its OK. 1 year return above 95 %
    any how market is risky game BUT UR 10year target will give U a good return.

    study more : religare PSU,Hdfc top 200, enough
    If u want more add sector ,finance,tech ,telcom.infra ,power,entertainment .

  4. Hi. I’m a Wealth Manager in Inference Wealth Management Services Pvt Ltd.
    To start with, you need to invest Rs.21736/- every month for 10 yrs at 12% (which i can say MF can deliver) to reach your 50 Lakhs corpus. Now coming to the funds to invest in, you should look at what is the portfolio of a fund and make sure you have good diversified funds. Please do not invest in more than 5 funds and make sure they are all from different AMCs.

  5. You need a good financial plan (that includes an investment plan) to get to your goal of accumulating Rs 50 lacs in 10 years. But before recommending, it is important to understand your current seets/liabilities and investments, how much risk are you willing to take and what is your investmetn objective. This will decide your choice of investments and help in making the right asset allocation.

    However, for now I can recommend the following funds are good for SIP investments. They all have good track record, have low risk and high return ratio compared to peers and come from good fund house family:
    1. HDFC Equity Fund
    2. DSP Black Rock Equity Fund
    3. Sundaram Select Focus Fund

    You can also start some tax savin funds SIP to get the benefit of tax exemptin under Section 80C. Some god ELSS mutual funds are:
    1. SBI Magnum Taxgain Fund
    2. HDFC Taxsaver Fund

    Remember, investing in too many mutual funds will not help you make more money. It will rather beome cluttered and difficult to track and manage.

    Also put in some money in some debt funds or other debt products to ensure that you have some money in case there is an emergency or a disaster. Plus,it will also be a less risky investment to offset the risk you’ll take in equities. You could invest in corporate FDs which are currently giving you yield of upto 14% (Network 18 FD is open currently). Some money you can invest in Monthly Income Plans of mutual funds.

    I hope this information helps. The best way to make an investment would be contatcing a financial expert, who can understand your investment needs better and then recommend you funds. and other investment options.

    Some good investment managers/financial planners you could contact are:
    1. [email protected] (or visit their website:
    2. [email protected]

  6. You already have alot of schemes in your portfolio. Adding too many will not make it better, but unmanageable.

    A mutual fund schme is already a well-diversified investment. Ideally you should not have more than 5 schemes in our portfolio. The schemes you have already covers mid-cap, large-cap and balanced schemes.

    You can consider adding one tax saving scheme and remove HSBC Equity Growth. Its an underperformer. Instead switch it to DSP Equity Fund.

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