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  1. HDFC Standard Life Insurance’s Plan: The Advertisement of the Father-Daughter discussing the Daughter’s Future.

    The latest HDFC ad is a cute kindling advertisement showing Father-Daughter Bonding.

    The Daughter who is about 8-9 years old aspires to be an astronout. Realizing that this education will cost a huge money, she suggests her Dad, to ask her Maternal Uncle spend for her education, as he is very rich ( in the Daughter’s Words- Raju Mama ke paas bahut paise hai)

    The father after a moment of thought, comes up with yet another idea and tells his daughter that BY THE TIME SHE GROWS UP he shall also has LOTS OF MONEY (Bahut saara paisa) for her ambitions to get fulfilled.

    The ad is a cute, people friendly and informative. It shows a father’s concern for his child’s future. The brilliant side of the ad is to show the 8-9 year old child have high ambitions and also the concern that her ambitions are financial burden on her parents.
    The conclusion is apt and endearing showing father-daughter agree on the Father’s Plan.

    Only cliche being, the Ad does not anywhere highlight the product’s features. It simply ends with a note on HEDFC STANDARD LIFE ( and its back-ground score)

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