4 Replies to “could u pls list out the life insurance companies in india on performance basis?”

  1. I dont have the performance details. i think that you will get it in their websites. The best is the LIC of india which is a less profitable insurance but a trusty one. next is icici prudential and tiger is the best insurance companies as of my knowledge.

  2. it is very simple,and it will depends on performance,services,profit margine,expenses ratio,claim ratio o/s,declin of payment by delibrate point of view…..etc this all aspect take in to considration, so in that view now a days i think in first 1 to 10 it is only L.I.C and then comes to all. but realy you can see it from http://www.irdaindia.in
    remember one thing be indian ,for indian…lic zindabad

  3. When it comes to deciding if a particular life insurance company is reliable or not, people start by looking at the company’s financial rating. A financial rating, given by independent research companies makes you aware of the financial strength of a particular life insurance company. But people mistake the financial strength of a life insurance company for its reliability. But this is a wrong impression.

    When you want a reliable life insurance company, you have to look far beyond the financial factor. The best life insurance company should be the one that fulfills your requirements.
    Before you start looking for the best, most dependable life insurance company, it is important you answer the following questions. This will let you deal better when you contact life insurance agents.

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