could iget better oppurtunity in other banks…could u plz provide me id of banks where i can paste my resume?

my self educational qualification is i have done b com from kurukshetra university… persuing in M Com final year.. i have Worked as Insurance advisor for 6 Months in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. and Worked in HBL Global for HDFC Credit Cards for 6 Months as Back Office Operation Executive. Presently working in ICICI Bank CPA (Credit Processing and Appraisal Unit Auto Loans) since last 2 years as a Credit Officer handling Credit Processing and recommending for Appraisal of cases.
At this position, my main job contents includes: –
·Handling the operations for their loan & financing division under totally computerized environment.
·Screening of cases according to the credit policy and persuing the same for its appraisal.
·Marking the discrepancies
·Recommendation of cases for final approval
·Interacting with sales and DMA’s for further persual
·Act as a bridge between sales and Credit and co ordinate
·Making Disbursement Memo after getting approval
·Final Checking of files and sending to operations for final Payment
·Other Back office operations

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