Composition of Mutual fund portfolio?

Dear friends,
I am 29 years old and recently started investing in MFs through SIP. I have the following portfolio.

SBI magnum contra : Rs 3000 per month.
HDFC Top 200 : Rs 3000 per month.
Reliance Growth – RP : Rs 3000 per month.
Sundaram SMILE : Rs 3000 per month.

I want stay invested in above MFs for atleast 5 years. Please note all above MF investments I am doing are through SIP.

I have the following questions.
1. How does my portfolio looks (50% aggressive, and 50% in largecaps). Please suggest me if any alterations are required in my portfolio.
2. I would like to add another Rs 2000 to “HDFC Top 200” and make monthly SIP Rs 5000 per month. Or should I start another SIP with HDFC Prudence Rs 2000/- per month.

Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time and answering my queries.

Best Regards

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  1. recently i went through a nice artical on mutual fund in dalal street investment journal. Where they have given detail analysis on different mutual fund and where to invest….

    It will definitely help you out.

  2. Good Portfolio
    As per as new SIP HDFC Prudence is good or You can also try Birla Sun Life Equity Fund ( A good aggressive equity Fund ) or Reliance Regular Saving Fund ( Equity Or Balance )

  3. Your portfolio is OK.But all some what same.If u want more Then select Tech Funds/Pharma etc
    HDFC core & satalite is also a good fund.

  4. Please dont invest all your savings in any fund for continious 5 years.after 1 yr just take a look at your portfolio and find some new funds,to invest. at this age you can the risk and invest in any mid cap/s cap.or you can go for some nfo/ipo

  5. It is very nice to know that you are a regular investor. Some years from now you will really have a good kitty. Congragulations on your choice of top performing mutual funds.

    There is one major flaw in your portfolio, your portfolio is totally equity oriented. Asset allocation is an important aspect of investment. as a thumb rule you must have a portfolio allocation equal to your age in debt investments, therefore you must invest 30% of your portfolio in debt based MF. So I recommend the following:
    1. Do not stop your present SIP
    2. Your additional SIP can be opened in debt based MF, HDFC Prudence is also a good option since it is a balanced fund but I will recommend a debt MF. Reliance floating rate fund or DSPBR Govt securities fund is agood option.

    I am an AMFI certified MF advisor, you can contact me at [email protected] or 0120 4224336 for further advice.

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