Clubbing minor’s family pension :?

Pl. Answer in details : I recieved family pension of my life partner. Due to remarriage it is transfered to my child who is minor . But as a guardian , i am recieving the same on behalf my child ( daughter ) 14 yrs old. can the family pension club to my indivisual income ? or minor has to file ITR ( signed by guardian) separately if family pension and arrears if any are above the IT slab limits ?
2. if pension arrears and pay arrears of last 4 years recieved after transfered to minor’s name , the whole income treated as minor’s income ? or distribute to prev. pensioner also ( like sec. 89 ) ?

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  1. Minor’s income will be clubbed with his parent’s income only if the said income arose out of income earned by the parent and was invested in the child’s name.

    In this case, you are receiving family pension due to your daughter, 14 years, because it arises from her father being no more. This family pension will be taxable in the hands of the minor only. Get a PAN No. for her, file her tax returns regularly. If need be, seek the advice of PRO of the Income Tax Department.

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