Choosing best midcap fund for SIP?

I am setting up SIP for 20 years, I already started one from Large Cap (HDFC Top 200 Equity) Growth for Rs. 1000.
Planning to set up one from Mid cap and one one from Balanced fund for Rs. 1000 each.
Out of the below plz suggest which I can choose from….

Reliance :-
Reliance Growth Fund – Growth Plan. (Current NAV: 453.48)
Reliance Long Term Equity Fund – Growth (Current NAV: 14.82)

SBI :-
SBI Magnum Global Fund Growth (Current NAV: 52.03)
SBI MSF Umbrella Contra Growth (Current NAV: 55.39)

All the above are Equity funds. So plz suggest one from SBI and one from Reliance if those are good ones.
Or shall i go with ICICI Discovery Fund – Growth (NAV: 45.26) midcap fund ?

Thanks in advance.
Reliance Growth Fund – Growth Plan.
Reliance Long Term Equity Fund – Growth
I am confused out of these 2 which one to choose. Please suggest. Thanks

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  1. Reliance growth fund is a mid-cap fund and I would suggest you go for it for your mid-cap fund SIP.
    For balanced fund I would suggest you HD FC Prudence fund.

  2. reliance growth fund div payout are best bet and reliance vision fund div payout are also good but sbi mutual fund are below average so u may ignore it

  3. Reliance growth fund is not a midcap fund in its true sense, it invests using the growth investing method. Good midcap funds are sundaram mid cap select, sundaram SMILE or DSPBR small and midcap fund. You may choose any one of them. In the balanced fund criteria HDFC Prudence, DSPBR balanced or Reliance regular savings balanced are some of the good options.
    I am an AMFI certified MF advisor and can be contacted at [email protected] or 0120 4224336 for further advice.

    Swarup Mallik

  4. Among the Mid Cap Funds – 1) IDFC Premier Equity Plan A 2) Reliance Growth 3) Birla Sunlife Mid Cap
    4) Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Mid Cap are all good.

    Among the Balanced Funds 1) HDFC PRUDENCE 2) DSPBR BALANCED Funds are good.

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