child plan/insurance/mutual fund..?

hi iam 30 year male from india working in merchant navy..i want to invest for future of my child through monthly investment of Rs.5000..please suggest me right way to achive my goal of getting good amount when my child reaches age of 18…i already have LIC jeevan anand..with cover of 10 lakh..and i am also depositing 70.000 p.a in P.P.F…so where u should think i invest to get maximum returns..??

child plan/insurance/mutual fund..?
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  1. hi. i am a sales manager in reliance life insurance and i am dealing with all the products. better go for investment in ULIP plan because that can give u a good returns. if u need any help, please feel free to contact me any time. ankit srivastava-9916534789, bangalore

  2. If you sole purpose is investment with maximum return, you should invest through Mutual fund as it provide true tax free return.

    Please keep insurance & investment separate as saving through insurance is very costly & return not good due to it. You are already saving enough through PPF, which is very good non risk instrument.

    Start SIP in Reliance or kotak or Birla scheme as they have free insurance also (insurance to pay remaining installments). Also you should have a term plan to get adequately insured.

  3. here u didnt metion ur kids age, From question i think u dont have much exposure towards Market (Mutual funds, ULIPS). If interested will you send u Human value presentation(how much one should get insured).

    Its better not to put all eggs in one basket, diverisfy your investments
    you reach me at [email protected]

  4. As you are very sincere about your child you need a better
    investment plan which suits your investment objectives.
    you have already invested in LIC and PPF.Investment in PPF give you risk free return with tax its a nice decision.As you have also insured your child future through LIC its also hold good.

    As you want to invest 5,000 monthly.As suggested by Bharat you should go for SIP(Systematic investment plan)in Mutual fund in good fund house like Reliance,Birla.Investment through SIP minimise(erosion of capital invested)&also minimises the risk of downward trend of market and You will realize the power of compounding.Even if market give a average return of 15% you will get in crores.

  5. There are numerous insurance plans for securing your children’s future. I think you should consult your insurance agent. He will guide you to select the right plan for your child.

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