5 Replies to “Child Insurance or Tax Saving? What should i invest in?”

  1. Neither. Both are rotten deals.
    Buy an index-based mutual fund based on the S&P 500, Russell 2000, or total market return.

    A child does not need life insurance. The primary wager earner in the house needs life insurance.

    Why do people invest in the hopes their child will die?

  2. You can save taxes in childs insurance too or you may save taxes by investing childrens of your relatives as a gift. Tax saving is money earning. Believe it or not? Suppose if you investing Rs. 100 and if you give tax 30% of your earnings then your actual investment is only Rs.70. Thus your investments return is increase upto 50%.

    Child’s mortality charge is very low as compare with adults. If you are investing in childs Insurance that doest mean childs may die and get that S.A but risk is for each and everyone. Details for childs insurance tax saving plans you may contact me,

  3. Child Insurance is undoubtedly the way to go. The better education you give your child today it will decide how his/her future turn out to be. A good education comes above all. But also while investing in a child insurance plan you need to decide which ones suits your need. Ideally look for a child plan where all future premiums are waived off and also provides attractive returns. My suggestion would be Aviva New Young Scholar Plan as its pretty beneficial compared to the other plans offered. Hope it helps!

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