Change name for Electricity, water, property tax bills?


Recently i buy a flat at Hyderabad on Loan. Now the flat is in my Name. All the below Bills are coming old owner name, whom should i contact and what are the documents required for the changing name. I need to pay cash?

1) Electricity Bill
2) Water Bill
3) Property tax Bill

If any other bills, i need to change my name, please let me know.

Thanks for your spending time and answering my doubts.


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  1. You would need to contact the companies that provide water and electricity to your home to have the accounts opened in your name. The tax bills should come to you when the sale is recorded

  2. Pl get true copies of Index form received from sales dead register. Submit it to various agencies along with respective ‘Name change’ prescribed form along with transfer fees if any.

  3. Visit nearby Municipal office for all your bill queries along with your property sale – purchase agreement and ask them you want to change the name on the bills, they will definitely assist you for the same. But before going there make sure the flat is registered on your name and society have issued a share certificate on your behalf. submit the duplicate copy of the original documents along with the official charges for name transfer on the bills. If this is followed properly with the very next bill you can find your property tax and other bill on your name.

  4. For name change for ‘electricity bill’,approach concerned area electricity dept.account section and submit a copy of proof of flat registration on your name from earlier name;for water bill–approach water and sewerage board office of your area and submit copy of proof of flat registration and for property tax bill–approach concerned area HUDA/Municipality and submit proof of registration.There shall be no charges.But for getting work done fast, you may have to shed some amount.

  5. Apply for name change with concerned authorities enclosing the copy of Registered Doument in your favour.