Post office – MIS scheme – Can I withdraw maturity money from postoffice in another city ?

My MIS (Monthly Income
Scheme) is maturing in current month. I started the MIS in different city than I reside now. Can I get the maturity money from my current city? or I necessarily need to visit the postoffice in the city where I started the MIS? My agent says that, as the rules are changed, the money can not be given to him, on my authority letter. I do have the passbook with me.

Maturity value of Rs.5000 NSC post-office scheme certificate?

The advertised tax return is 8% but on my 6-year maturity certificate it is only written Rs.8005 on maturity. It was originally printed as Rs.10,005 but they have striked it and written Rs.8005. Why is it so low?
I still don’t get it. If it is 8% compunded half yearly for 6 years then it should be
5000 * (1.08)^12 = 12590
isn’t it?!!