Why for home loans the banks are calculating the interest rate?

I Check with the bank for the home loans,they told me 7.5% as floating & 7.25% as fixed,I need to know what is the difference between these two terms?

If i take RS.10,00,000 as home loan & the loan period will be 5 years,so with the interest rate 7.5%,what will be the EMI Per month need to pay to bank.

Please explain.



claiming the house in 2008 if my name is not on the mortgage, but property tax?

hi everyone! i want to know if i can claim the house this year if my name is not on the mortgage but on the property tax? my brother's name is on the mortgage, but BOTH our names are on the property tax. he will NOT be claiming, because he said i can claim it. so, can i? and yes, i have paid more than half the mortgage since last june and i paid all the property tax this past year.

How about taking loan from REPCO bank? Friend is offering me 25 lakhs loan to make a home?

My friend who is manager in Repco is interested to give me 25 lakhs as home loan. Interest will be more or less like the same as other banks. But my question is, is there any problem if i take loan from this kinda of banks? She is trying to improve the banking operations, thats why they planned to give loans to reliable persons…she says…! what should i do now?