phone number 01203885100

a phone from 01203885100 came to me on 22-12-2012 at 5 pm. he told me that a lic policy in your name is on my table for bonus and asked me to give the details.
i want to know that is there any provision from lic to ask such question from the policy holder?
as i have no insurence policy at present so i told them the fact.
but i have a market plus should i have to give the details?

What can we do if LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India does not maintain our policies properly?

I have 7 LIC policies in SSS(Salary) scheme. LIC people are not maintaining the policies properly. Though the amount was sent, there are showing gaps in their soft data. Later, they are not updating properly. I gave written complaint last month. one month passed. LIC could not regularise my policies due to staff problems and technical problems, they say. What can I do later? How to complain further?

Getting LIC policy as a residence proof document in Mumbai?

I live in Mumbai as a Paying Guest and want to get a residence proof document. The post offices I visited don’t know about any such documents. I was told LIC policy document can serve as one. What is the minimum amount LIC I need to get for it, just for getting a residence proof document? Will that be accepted for opening a bank account, applying for a credit card etc.
Are there other options I can look into?

what contains in the lic agent application form?

I have sent application form to lic of India to become a lic agent, application filled by a lic development officer. so i didn’t read that apllication and i signed it. Now that application has sent to LIC OF INDIA. Is there any posibilities to get a copy of that application form. if no means , is there any problem going to occure in the future regarding this?