How to host my website in hostmonster using credit card?

I am going to host my website in hostmoster. After making my payment through credit card, do my website will be on internet on the next minute. Can, i set my password for some webpages in their control panel. Please answer to my question & one more request is don’t answer advertising answers. I want my answer related to HOSTMONSTER hosting alone…

Which credit card is right for me for online shopping outside India?

I’ve heard people say that they use an SBI credit card. But can I do international online purchases? I’m a student. Is VISA or MASTERCARD a good choice over SBI? Which one do you think I should go for? All I want is to buy things online from India and also from outside of the country.

Bytheway, if you think I should use VISA or MASTERCARD, please mention the exact name of the card. Thanks in advance.