Can you sell a land which you own, without the wife’s consent?

If the husband owns a land which he bought from his hard earned money. Can he sell the land without his wife’s or children’s consent? If not, please tell why? what is the law behind it? If there is a law, why arent they checking when you are selling the property? Please elaborate.

I am talking about an Indian Property Law. Sorry I should have mentioned it earlier. My bad!

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  1. It’s all about the deed to the land. If you’re name is the only one on the deed then you can sell it without her consent. If her name is on the deed with yours, however, you have to have her consent.

  2. If this is a state of joint ownership between husband and wife, you may need her consent to sell even if she in not on the deed. Talk to a lawyer, not a Yahoo. You would need only a few minutes of legal time. A neighborhood attorney could probably resolve this for you in a half hour.

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