Can you guide me please?

Just now I have invested money in ULIP ( Life Time Gold Plan ) under ICICI Prudential Life Insurance with the condition that I have to invest still 2 years more. ( Totally 3 Years Investment ). I have a hope that I will get double the return in this investment. Can you tell me Whether i will get Return as my hope? If i wrongly invested, please guide me to invest at which&Where to get more returns.

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  1. Hi friend! you have invested in good Co. don’t worry! i think in that plan premium is about Rs/-10,000,& compulsory 3 premium, & then next premiums are not compulsory ,you may pay the premium if you want. duration is about 15-20 years.
    same plan is available in Bajaj Allianze. my relative has also taken the same plan.
    for more returns you can invest in share market with deep study.
    Best Luck!

  2. Hi
    If you are planning to invest in stock market, my suggestion is do your homework well before you jump in.At the moment the market is pretty volatile with downside risks. If you really want to invest , I suggest to invest in mutual funds where your risks are lesser . Consult your financial advisor or if you don’t have one , can contact me for reference.

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