Can you get in trouble for a check you give to your bank that is fake but you dont know its fake?

For example: If you get a check from a lotto give out and you turn it in to your bank and it goes through. Then you get the money out and send to who ever the lotto people told you to send it to and a day later they come to you saying that it was a fake check and said you have to pay back all the money you got. Isn’t it the banks job to find out if the checks fake or not?

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  1. Ok, first off…your a moron. Since when does the lotto give you a check, then ask YOU to send the money to someplace else??? Why couldn’t they send it to them themselves if it was legit? Second, YOU CASHED THE CHECK. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the check is good. PERIOD.

  2. It will be up to you to convince the bank and the police that you were naive and an idiot. When you present a check for deposit, you are telling the bank that it is good.

    And if you’d bothered to tell the bank oh, this came in the mail and I’m going over to Western Union to send them some of it back, they would have refused the check. If you had told Western Union, they too would have refused the transfer.

    But, noooo, you had to get greedy and assume it was real and deposited it just in case. C’Mon, you didn’t enter the lotto, this isn’t how lottos work and no taxing authority has you send money to an agent by name. How stupid could you be?

    If you have already spent the money you have to pay it back.

    The bank can close your account.
    The bank can report you to CHEX system so you can’t get another account.
    The bank can hit you with $ 50 of NSF fees.
    The bank can report you to the police.

  3. The bank does find out eventually that it is fake since you have discovered that but they will take the amount of the check from your account. You are liable to cover their loss since they paid you. You should never fall for these scams with a money order or check that you don’t know.

  4. You are responsible for what goes in and out of your bank account. If you cannot pay back the bank they have the right to criminally prosecute you.

  5. You take responsibility for that check once you deposit it into your account. If you had no knowledge the check was fake you won’t get in trouble, but you are liable for the money that you used from that check and if you don’t pay it back they can hold you legally responsible for the debt you have created. This sounds like a Nigerian fraud scheme of sorts. KNOW who you are depositing checks from. If you have any doubts ask the bank to hold the funds until the check has cleared the bank it is drawn on.

  6. If you deposit a fake cheque or a fake currency , the liability is yours. Go to the bank and settle out by refunding the full amount . Even after repayment , you can be sued for doing the fraud knowingly or unknowingly .

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