2 Replies to “Can we withdraw money from pay pal account to our bank account?”

  1. On the My Account screen there should be a Withdraw option and under that it says Transfer to bank account. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

  2. The first thing you need to do is hook up your bank account with your paypal account. If you’ve already done so then click the withdrawl tab along the top and follow the instructions. If you haven’t hooked up your bank account there should be something on the right side of the screen that says add bank account. You can add checking or savings. Follow the instructions. It’s pretty simple. After you do withdrawl the money into your bank account it takes about 3 days for it to get there. If you have a paypal debit card you can gotto just about any atm and withdrawl it there, but there is a 1.00 fee from paypal and most likely a 2 or 3 dollar fee from the atm you are using

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