can we jst make a fake entry of taking education loan from bank?

actually we have money bt it is a condition that if u want to go to canada for studies u have to take loan .i jst want to knw k can we jst make a fake entry of taking loan from the bank ?

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  1. I am unable to comment on what kind of condition is that you have to take a loan. To your question, you can not make a fake entry. But if you want to complete the formalities. Go to Bank make a deposit as you have money in the name of your mother or father or anyone you have belief. Apply loan and make FD as the security. Bank may charge only one percent higher interest than the FD interest. Take a certificate from the Bank concerning loan and submit.

  2. How can you think of it. Banks make strict scrutiny for passing any loan. And why you should submit fake papers. You have money ,you can still take education loan . Submission of false documents may invite legal procedures against you and your canada dream may vanish.


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