can we get interest only housing loans in india ?

i;m planning to by a rental residential property in india in about next 12 to 15 months. Do the indian banks provide rent only home loans ? Rent only loans may help in increasing the loan eligibility.

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  1. All loans depend on your ability to repay. If you are asking for a interest only loan, there is probably a finacial reason. Remember, the creative loans were not invented to help anyone except the banks. If they want to help you using creativity, ask them to lower the interest rate. The bank does not want to own the house you want or they’d buy it. They want to make as much money off you as possible, that’s their business, and that is why the fancy loans came about. They are confusing and cost you more in the end. It is doubtful that after the interest only period, your financial status will be much better, they know that, and if realestate was appreciating, they might make the loan, foreclose and own a house worth more than it was when they loaned you the money. With values falling, they are only loaning to people they are pretty sure will repay. Get your credit score up and you’ll get a loan.

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