4 Replies to “can we deposit cash in bank without opening saving account, if yes what is the procedure?”

  1. ya if u donot want to poen a saving account then also u can deposit cash as fixed deposit ,recurring deposite .but f.rom ur question it is not clear that for which reason u want to deposite cash .if u can clear this there can be more options

  2. There are ways. You can make a term deposit, either on-call (to get it back at any time) or for a defined term if you do not need the money for a while. Or many banks have safe boxes, but that can be expensive. So depends on how much money you are talking about.

  3. Whatever bank account you have, you can deposit money into that. It doesn’t have to be a savings account. Just bring it into the bank and fill out the relevant deposit slip. The cashier will help, if necessary.

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