Can we buy Suzlon energy share now for holding more than 2 year ?

Suzlon energy share price is very low now in BSE… Will the share provides good returns after 2 years ?

why the share prize of Suzlon energy is low now ?

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  1. buying a falling stock is as good as catching a falling knife. so never catch falling knives.

    if u want to invest there are many other stocks which may perform far better than suzlon.

    but if u want to invest for 2 years, it is better not to invest. bcoz this market will be like this atleast for the next 12-18 months. i.e, u can buy these stocks at the same prices after 1 year also.

    suzlon exports its wind mills to europe. as europe economy is worse this company may be affected. this is one of the reasons. but there may be more reasons also.

  2. Suzlon should be avoided.

    They have serious technology problems. Earlier, they had an overseas order cancelled because of cracks in their windmill blades. Recently in Illinois USA a 140 ft windmill blade broke and fell off the windmill tower.

    Their recent European acquisition funding has also faced trouble as they had to cancel a planned rights issue because of the stock market debacle.

    This is the time to pick up the best stocks, like – L&T, Tata Steel, Bharti, HDFC at very attractive prices.

  3. Suzlon bought last year at an avg of Rs.18.75 . as wind energy industry has got govt concessions in this budget is there scope for recovery in suzlon. Any target price which can be expected if holds for 1 to 2 years.

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