Can we buy land without patta and unapproved?

They say that patta can be given after registration and also after that we can apply for approval. Will this involve any problem in future? And also they suggested to get property tax in our name after the registration? Pls advice ?

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  1. plz do not. you will purchase land only after seller break or disolute patta nama or in other case patta will be written to your name at the time of registration by present patta holder.other wise it will create great problem bacause you will become owner of land only and the right to use the land withstand with patta holder, so plz do not make that mistake.and i can not understood that how registration will be done by registrar if u have not approval .but the most essential point is patta .

  2. Hi Deepa,

    First you verifiy that whether they have patta or not? if they dont have patta means dont speand any money in it. even if you patta also please verify it with resiter office.

    i feel approval can take any stage, it is time and money consuming process. if you want to build the home immediatly better to buy approved plots. Property tax i am not sure about that.

    Wish you allt he best.

  3. Land deal in our country is very dicey. Never believe on any one. In some cases one Land is sold to 4 people and ultimately all 4 land up loosing the property.
    Check with the neighbours and go through the documents. Ensure that the documents are transfer ed through the Notary and then Power of attorney is prepared with both side witnesses. Original Patta is taken away from the owner and also sale deed is prepared.

  4. If you are buying a vacant land for housing, you have to verify whether it is in sanctioned layout or the area is earmarked for housing. If it is agricultural classification you cannot even register it as housing plot as per the new amended rules in Tamil Nadu.

    Patta is only an additional title issued by Tahsildar. if the piece of land is already residential classification by local body, you can get patta even after registering.

    property tax is only after construction of Building. so if you are buying ready built house, you can get property tax papers transferred to your name immediately after registration.

  5. Get all the papers pertaining to the property and scrutinise in order to see whether the property has a marketable title then you can proceed further.
    I am Lawyer

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