4 Replies to “can u tell examples of foreign direct investment in india? and examples of type of fdi?”

  1. Foregin Direct Investments (FDI) means : any investment that is done by any registered international instution like Mutal funds, trusts, Govt Organisation, Insurance Companies, etc are considered as FDI. FDI will always be in bulk (crs).

    Ex, Power Development corp. Alliance Insurance, Metlife, Barclays, etc.

  2. there are many.one is vodafone which has a 52% stake in hutch(now vodafone).basically,any foreign company investing in india either directly or through some indian company is fdi.
    sorry,i dont kno d types.

  3. FDI can be from many source like foreign mutual funds, institutional investors from abroad and so on.
    You can see many global mutual funds abroad. Particularly the global emerging economies funds have a major stake in the indian stock market/

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