3 Replies to “Can someone tell me about performance of bajaj allianze insurance company and its policies? thanx.?”

  1. I have a health insurance policy for me and my family since past few years. I found them good and reliable.

    As per the usual policy of any insurance company, they do try to wiggle out of their responsibility, but, with bit of arguing , they help.
    they are good people to deal with.

  2. Dear Preeti,

    Bajaj has been doing pretty good, moreover I will recommend there service quality levelsand response time to be best among all, I have been in this Industry since quite few years now, moreover if u plan to make an Investment, I would suggest that you should opt for a company called NIYOJIT FINANCIAL (a Corporate Agent for Bajaj’s Allianz) coz you might be able to fetch some discounts from them which even Bajaj might not be able to offer.

    There Contact Numbers would be: 0120-4284219 & 4546132

  3. My experience is not good. I would advise the investor not to part with
    payment till all the formalities are favourably completed.

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