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  1. place

    dear …………………
    you are living in my premises at ……….. by paying at a rent of rs…………………since…………
    you paid an advance for the house rent of rs…………………… which is repayable on vacating the house as per our agreement
    now i want the premises for my own use as my son is getting married shorlly and he is going to live independantly at this premises so we have no other option except to vacate you from the said premises so kindly arrange for an alternative residence at your convenient it will be reasonable that three months time is sufficient so i here by issue a notice that you please vacate my house at …………….. within a maximum period of three months from the date of receipt of this letter

    with warm regards

    yours faithfully,


  2. Assuming that there is not a lease in effect, and that they are on a month to month tenancy, it is very simple

    Dear Tenant,

    This is your notice that I will be terminating your tenancy on (insert date 30 or 60 days from now depending on local requirements). You will need to vacate the property on or before that date.

    (If they are good tenants, continue with the following, if not, omit it)

    If you need a reference for a prospective landlord, I will be happy to provide you one.

    Thank you,


    Send this certified mail return receipt requested.

    If there is a lease in effect, you can not force them to move until the expiration of that lease

  3. Dear Mr. _______________

    This is to inform you that the period for which my flat/house is being let out to you on rental basis is over (or going to be over by ____date______ ).

    I would appreciate the way you cared for my property during your stay. Now that I myself is in need of a residence, I wish not to extend your tenancy, and request you to please vacate the same by _____ 3 months time ______.

    Once you vacate the property, you will be paid whatever advance money you have with me.

    Thank you

    Yours sincerely

    Owner of the Property

  4. In addition to all these sample letters by other answerers, you should also Google sample letter to tenants to vacate the house and there you can find a better idea on how to write such a letter appopriately.

  5. dear sir .
    would send me a copy of a letter to my tenants telling my tenants that that their room is ready and to vacate from that room to another room

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