5 Replies to “Can someone give me a checklist to check before buying a property in India?”

  1. Look for Municipal Tax paid, Encomburence , look for 3 or 4 previous owners . Check with a Advocate for documents or approach a bank for loan who will do it for u

  2. 1. Check the validity of the owner from Taluk office.
    2. Get the copy of the Original purchase document from the owner and check the validity of the same.
    3. Check any loans or any other agreement are registered against the particular land, check it in Taluk office.
    4. Check any pending case against the property in court.
    5. Check all taxes are paid till date with the owners name.
    6. Check is the property is under lease or not. If yes, check the constraints of the lease with lawyer.

    These are necessary. I feel, better to consult with a civil lawyer in this regards.

  3. following are basic requirements:

    1. Copy Title Deed (original to be checked) in the name of your vendor.
    2. copies of all parent documents traceable for at least 33 years
    3. Encumbrance certificate of the property for 33 years or since the date parent document which ever is higher.
    4. identity of vendor
    5. patta or the Extract of permanent land record maintained by revenue dept showing the vendor is in possession.
    6. if the vendor is not alive the death & legal heirship certificate.
    7. check for minor interest if any. if minor interest involved court permission needed for sale of property.
    8. check the boundaries of property and boundary stones if there is no fence.
    9. inquire locally for any litigation pending.

    if it is vacant land the layout approvals if any.

    if it is building/flat the property tax card, electricity card, water connection card, approved building plan.

    if it is resale of flat, the original allotment letter builders agreement etc.,

    with all these papers you consult a lawyer for opinion. then proceed further.

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