Can somebody suggest me a good book on Financial Planning & Taxes?

I am an insurance agent and mutual fund distributor. I am a science graduate, and hence know least about concepts of commerce.

I am looking for a book which can help me offer better financial planning to my clients. The books should explain the concepts of various investment instruments like Mutual Funds, Stocks, Real Estate etc. It will be great if the books contains chapters on Taxes (and its various sections). In a nutshell, a book for dummies on Financial planning and Taxes.

Please suggest. Thanks a ton.

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  1. you may contact BAJAJ CAPITAL LTD any branch in delhi and all over india and ask a free copy of booklet on financial planning & taxes.

  2. Dear Madam,

    With regards to Financial Planning & Taxes it is very difficult to refer a book which provides all your financial problem, but if you read Dr. V.K.Sighanias Direct Taxes, it provides all available options of tax plannings. It is very lenghy book, you can read whichever you need.

    Thanks & Regards: Rudrayya.s.

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