2 Replies to “Can somebody predict when next recession is going 2come and is it safe to invest money in stock market in IND?”

  1. Hmmm..2011 is not seems too favourable for indian stock market……You can try some alternative as banks have increased their fixed deposit rates the highest is upto 9 percent…So its better to go the fixed deposit if you want complete safety..If you can bear some risks than stock market is always there…….Also you can look out for some post office schemes they are also providing good returns on your investment….

  2. It is hard to predict about any recession that is expected to come. It depends on so many economical, commercial and events that take place in the country and outside.
    It is always better to show caution while investing in Stocks. Do not go by what others say or predict. Do not be over ambitious and over enthusiastic while investing. Study to stock well, its prospects, market conditions, company’s track record, its promoters etc before forming your opinion.
    Good Luck for 2011.

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