3 Replies to “can some one deposit a SBI cheque to My SBI account in different city?”

  1. If father has account in same bank he can locally deposit the cheque in your account, This cheque will be cleared as a local cheque.

  2. Yes, your father could do this. Some institutions would require him to have the account number for security purposes, as opposed to the bank teller looking up the account number. Also, if he withdrew cash from his account (instead of writing a check on his account) and deposited the cash into your account it would be available the next business day, at the latest. Most banks offer same day availability for cash deposits.

  3. Yes. It is very simple. Request your father to approach the Branch where he is having his account and deposit the cheque in your name along with the Pay-in-Slip as is normally done for any cheque. The funds will be transferred to your account immediately after deducting charges for the services provided, if any. Please ask your father to ensure that the correct number of your account is mentioned in the Pay-in-Slip.

    This is wonderful facility provided under CBS in State Bank of India.

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