3 Replies to “Can som1 tellme betterTerm Policy than HDFC TERM ASSURANCE PLAN.?”

  1. The best way to take an Insurance on your life is through Term Insurance thru LIC (Jeevan Anmol). They are the cheapest and their claims settlement is the best in the world (this is what matters finally). That apart, they also have branches all over India, you can pay your premium from any branch, anywhere in India (they are very adjusting, even when it comes to revival of a policy). Don’t forget to save side by side, in other ways, for your old age (in case you survive).

  2. LIC is very costly. You will have to pay nearly 30 K for same cover.

    Cheap options are


    Go to their websites & compare yourself.

    I back your decesion to buy a term plan. just buy it.

  3. i trust lic,also try sbi,rel,icici,remember hidden fees are there,confirm before buying,many fund mangemnet charges,processing fess are there.

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