can residential property on power of attorney be sold?

i purchased a residential floor from builder on power of attorney with a promise that the property will be converted to freehold later on but nothing seems to be happen on this account. Meanwhile i am getting goo d price of my property. can i sale this property without any difficulty.or in other word will there be any problem in selling due it being on power of attorney.

can residential property on power of attorney be sold?
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4 Replies to “can residential property on power of attorney be sold?”

  1. Your obviously don’t understand what a Power of Attorney is.

    You have a contract with the builder not a Power of Attorney.

    If you own a freehold interest of the floor, then you should be able to sell that interest and the builder is still required to uphold the agreement to the new buyer unless there in a clause in the contract/agreement prohibiting you from selling your interest.

  2. You can sell the property only if you have clear legal title,right,interest,possession over the property without any encumbrance(s) otherwise absolutely NOT.

  3. So you’re saying that the builder doesn’t actually own the floor but has power of attorney from the legal owner who holds the title to the floor. If that’s the case when you purchased it (and the power of attorney is genuine/authentic), then you do have freehold ownership of it when the moneys were paid and the title was transferred to you. In which case, you can sell it or do whatever you want unless there’s a bylaw or something on title restricting you (ie: a lien).

  4. If the builder is the original title holder of the property and he has given you power of attorney including selling rights to you in respect of the particular flat, you can very well sell using the power of attorney.

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